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Fatboy Formulas will teach you the tricks of the trade. We're performance focused range of hair essentials defined by hair type, not by gender, and created with one mission in mind: to give you great hair everyday with minimal effort. This collection of unexpected product hybrids deliver remarkable results for your hair, no matter the cut, colour, length or texture.


How To Use Fatboy Perfect Putty | Long Hair
Fatboy Perfect Putty has a solid reputation for working great in short hair but you may not have known that it works great in long hair too.


How To Use Fatboy Perfect Putty | Short Hair
Here's how to achieve stella results in short hair using Fatboy Perfect Putty.

How to use Sea Salt Pomade | Shoulder Length Hair
Get beachy texture and separation using Fatboy Sea Salt Pomade


How to use Sea Salt Pomade | Long Hair
How to use our awesome Sea Salt Pomade to create natural texture and beachy waves in long hair.